Are You Doubting the Fairness?

Verifiable random number requires that the number is random, but also that its randomness is verifiable



The number must be random, but the randomness needs to be verifiable
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The random number generator is the important core component when it comes to having a secure reputation, but there are instances when the random numbers may have been manipulated.

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Verifiable random numbers have played a very important role in cryptographic protocols, the number not only needs to be random, but also its randomness needs to be verifiable.

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The traditional RNGs can only prove that it uses a random method but are not able to provide any technique to audit the results after it is generated. Thus, they may be prone to insider fraud. This places heavy trust in the service provider.

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The needs for verifiable random number has become the key important factor when selecting a random number service provider for one's business.

GINAR Blockchain-based Random Numbers

GINAR Verifiable Random Number Generation

GINAR is a decentralized random number service that is built on top of blockchain technology to provide a source for true random numbers for multiple applications. Decentralization leverages the blockchain technology to bring the transparency in the generation process to everyone. Every step in the generation process is recorded and then related data will be published on the blockchains. With this information, everyone can easily check if there is any manipulation happening during the generation process.

Doubting the fairness of losing with pocket Aces is something many poker players are guilty of. To help put any doubts to bed, our decentralized card shuffler comes with the Validation Tool, making it possible to prove if the shuffle was fair.
Verification Tool

Verification Tool

Verifiability is the property that checks the correctness of random number generation from GINAR. We have available APIs to support verification.

Documentation Verification Tool

Verification Simulator

Understand how GINAR system generates random numbers and how to verify them in an easy-to-use simplified way.

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