Decentralized Random Number Generation for Slots & Roulette

Using the hyperledger to maximize computational acceleration but still guarantee the fairness and security of whole systems

Business Need

Similar to the previous examples, issues of fairness, transparency, security, and verifiability apply to online slot and roulette games. Blockchain-based slot & roulette games bring much-needed transparency and fairness into the game, but it comes at a high cost, long wait times between spins, limited scalability, and poor user experience.

GINAR Solution

Inheriting from GINAR dRNG we suggest an effective solution for both slot and roulette. With the dominant properties being granted from GINAR RNG such as high performance, verifiability, the unpredictability that is evaluated by the statistical tests. We constructed a generic model for the applications need an elementary prototype in addition to the degree of definite security. Therefore, the models follow GINAR architecture are steadily becoming simple and easy integrated more.

The RNG for slot and roulette games is directly inherited from GINAR dRNG

Decentralized Random Number Generation for Slots & Roulette


Number 1 Our unique decentralized random number generation mechanism allows any party to audit the randomness of each spin and reel position, once a iGaming session is over.
Number 2 GINAR is designed for speed. It produces 1,000,000 random numbers per second, which other providers fail to replicate, making GINAR a best-in-class solution.
Number 3 GINAR produces random numbers from the contribution of participants on the blockchain. Manipulation is not feasible on the blockchain networks since it is made up of thousands to millions of participants scattered across the world.
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