Decentralized Random Number Generation for Online Casinos

Utilizing blockchain technology, GINAR is seeking to deliver blockchain-based random numbers to demonstrate fairness and gain a competitive advantage over the centralized rival.

Business Need

Traditional online casinos have high information asymmetries between operators and users. Fairness of the games is a top priority for online casinos but most traditional online casinos simply expect you to trust them to be fair.

Winning or losing in Casino Games is just a matter of luck. Just like in the lotteries, the outcome of a game is usually determined in a random way. Therefore, one of the vital components of iGaming is a random number generator. In fact, the purpose of using an RNG is to ensure that the game is fair. However, not all RNGs can make that possible. Using a bad, insecure RNG can result in cheating and fraud.

GINAR Solution

GINAR applies blockchain technology to random number generation, which guarantees to provide, fair and transparent random numbers at an impressive speed and volume for businesses wanting to leverage unpredictable, tamper-resistant and verifiable digits.

The generation of these transparent random numbers at an impressive speed and volume builds trust with the players, therefore increasing its market share. This will also bring bureaucratic optimization, as iGaming operators do not need to deal with a large number of authorities such as government agencies and private organizations.

Decentralized Random Number Generation for Online Casinos


GINAR delivers a random number generator that provides outstanding randomness quality, reliable operation, and easy integration. Our blockchain-based random number generation will unlock plenty of benefits for your business

Number 1 Lowering operating costs
Number 2 Incredible high-performance blockchain-based random number service
Number 3 Seamless integration without architect & devices modification required
Number 4 Allowing everyone to verify the random number generation process
Number 5 Secure your applications with a next-generation dRNG, providing extra transparency to your users.
GINAR random number solution will help any B2B or B2C segment in any real-time business applications to facilitate scaling the business and proving them with a great opportunity to expand its business globally.
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