Decentralized Random Number Generation for Lottery Games

Introducing the​ blockchain technology and new cryptographic notion to deliver the best lottery solution with decentralized and verifiable random number generation.

Business Need

In traditional lottery systems, the players choose some numbers on a ticket, enroll it to the lottery organizer and pay an amount of money for it. But this practice offers no guarantee to the players that the lottery organizer doesn’t manipulate the number selection.

Lottery players doubt the fairness of lotteries and wonder if the random number generation method secure and random? Since the traditional lotteries fail to answer this question, lotteries lack transparency and verifiability in the system.

GINAR Solution

GINAR constructed a new lottery model that based on VDFs (Verifiable Delay Functions) to increment the fairness along with the collusion-resistant solution.

Verifiable Delay Function is one-to-one mapping that takes a prescribed time to compute the output. However the output can be quickly verified by anyone and in particular, the mapping cannot be computed by parallelism.

VDFs will change the approach to generat a random number from a given group (multi-party computation problem). It completely resolved the problem last individual unreveal message corresponding with the commitment in Commit-Reveal protocol. Data which using for VDF computation is always public and quickly verifiable but still preserve high security

Decentralized Random Number Generation for Lottery Games


By leveraging blockchain technology, GINAR introduces its decentralized random number generation solution to empower the lottery industry through plenty of benefits to game operators & players.

Number 1 Open Participation - Everyone can take part in at any time before the time raffle
Number 2 Public Ticket - You can buy a ticket as you would normally. No information is hidden
Number 3 Collusion-Resistant - No party can collude to manipulate or anticipate the final result
Number 4 Unpredictable - Nobody can predict the result before a given prescribed time
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