Decentralized Random Number Generation for Online Poker

Leveraging blockchain technology to provide the blockchain-based verifiable random number generation for online poker experience

Business Need

To achieve its business goals, an online poker company needs a flawless reputation. In this industry, the random number generation is the is the most important core component when it comes to having a good reputation.

Came to the quality of the product and the business processes that allow to gradually improve the software and remain flexible in order to react to global online poker trends and meet players’ needs, the great responsibility here come from selecting a random number service provider to develop the state-of-the-art iGaming platform.

GINAR Solution

GINAR is a random number generator that runs on a decentralized network. We’re utilizing blockchain technology to create a more reliable and efficient chain of processes which results in a more reliable random number generation that a centralized system cannot.” with “generation of random number(s) that can not be manipulated or predicated by outside determining factors.

Verifiability and high performance are the characteristics that any iGaming protocol must. For online poker games, it’s even more critical where the random number generation is the core of the game. Blockchain technology yields a solution for the problems that demand verification. We integrated this technology into the GINAR architecture to obtain the desired performance.

Decentralized Random Number Generation for Online Poker


GINAR delivers a random number generator that provides outstanding randomness quality, reliable operation, and easy integration. Our blockchain-based random number generation will unlock plenty of benefits for your business

Number 1 Lower operating costs
Number 2 Incredible high-performance blockchain-based random number service
Number 3 Seamless integration without architect & devices modifications
Number 4 Allowing everyone to verify the random number generation process
Number 5 Secure your applications with a next-generation dRNG, providing extra transparency to your
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