GINAR decentralized random number generator service
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  • GINAR – Decentralized Random Number Generator Service
    September 20, 2018
    - BY GINAR

    Traditionally, random number generators (RNGs) are classified into two types: true random number generators (TRNGs) and pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs). TRNGs use non-deterministic physical processes such as the use of dice, coin-flipping or the use of physical sources such as thermal noise, radio noise and so on. Because the physical nature of this process cannot …

    What makes GINAR decentralized random numbers different
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  • What Makes GINAR Random Number Generator Different?
    September 5, 2018
    - BY GINAR

    Random number is complex technological innovation that relies heavily on the nature of the mathematical algorithm to generate. There are numerous applications of random number ingrained in our lives, most of which are generated by a random number generator hardware. However, modern random numbers are pseudorandomness and are generated in a predictable fashion using a …

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  • Why Blockchain is a Must-have for Online Gambling¬†Industry
    August 6, 2018
    - BY GINAR

    Online gambling is one of the most promising industries with a projected compound annual growth rate of more than 9% by 2021. It is expected to surpass $59 billion USD in 2018. A study conducted by SuperData Research found that mobile gambling/gaming grew 75% year-over-year and currently, it accounts for over 25% of all gambling. …

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