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For iGaming and Lotteries

Blockchain is the ideal platform for ensuring fairness and traceability in computer games. But the openness of the blockchain also presents some challenges for game developers. Most games rely on some form of randomness to determine the outcome of certain actions. Generating random numbers is one of the harder things to do on the Blockchain, as the underlying system is both open and deterministic. GINAR has become the pioneer in providing decentralized random number generator for industries which need unpredictable & verifiable random number, high security, high performance and regulatory compliance.

For Blockchain Developer Community

Many iGaming applications require randomness in smart contract, but the distributed ledger technology itself cannot generate unbiased randomness. The workarounds exist in Ethereum to use RanDAO to provide randomness or use outsourced randomness data feed from Oracalize. These not only introduce higher transaction latency, but also lack decentralization. To solve this issue, GINAR dRNG generates random numbers from many sources and there are mechanisms to reach consensus between many parties on a single value. Therefore, it meets the requirements that the Smart Contract needs with performance, security and decentralize.

For Blockchain Developer Community

Why GINAR Random Number Generation?

Never leave your random numbers to chance. Unbiased RNG for your applications is anything but simple.

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Lowering operation costs by eliminating expensive auditing procedures and anti-hacking systems

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Incredible high performance service for commercial applications with millions random numbers generated per second

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Seamless integration without architect & devices modification required

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No one can determine the outcome until the generation process is completed

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Allowing everyone to verify the random number generation process

Secure your applications with a next generation dRNG, providing extra transparency to your users.

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Included With All Plans

Blockchain-based agnostic service, seamless integration, incredibly high performance.

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No Max Peak Rate Request Limit

Enjoying the maximum random number service performance without limit.

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Random Number Verifiability

Solving your doubt of fairness by blockchain-based verifiable random number generation.

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Max Configurable IP Addresses

Unlocking your business by allowing up to 20 IP addresses configurable through the use dashboard.

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Flexible Subscription Plan

Saving time and operation costs by allowing you to change plan(s) at any time and as often as you wish.

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Unlimited Secret Key Configurations

Allowing an unlimited amount of secret key configurations to meet your needs.

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Customer Support

Our experts will aid and guide you through the entire process and help with any troubleshooting.

Use Cases

Discover the real business challenges and learn how our dRNG is going to solve it

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Decentralized Random Number Generation for Slots & Roulette

Using the hyperledger to maximize computational acceleration but still guarantee the fairness and security of whole systems

Read more

Decentralized Random Number Generation for Online Casinos

Utilizing blockchain technology, GINAR is seeking to deliver blockchain-based random numbers to demonstrate fairness and gain a competitive advantage over the centralized rival.


Decentralized Random Number Generation for Lottery Games

Introducing the​ blockchain technology and new cryptographic notion to deliver the best lottery solution with decentralized and verifiable random number generation.

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