GINAR White Paper 2.0 Released

September 26, 2018

GINAR white paper version 2.0. was published on September 25th, meeting the timeline commitment.

GINAR whitepaper 2.0

GINAR is a blockchain technology company specializing in providing Decentralized Random Number Generation service.

Decentralized Random Number Generation, or dRNG, is a key component to applications that benefit from true randomness.  Gambling like bingo, card games, the lottery, and similar games are prime examples.

The ability to be provably fair is invaluable. The biggest concern in today’s online gaming industry is a safe and secure playing experience. They must provide transparent game mechanics and random results.

This is where GINAR random number generation service comes in, based on Blockchain technology. It delivers a solution for both players and operators to the issues of trust, security and safety through the use of Smart Contracts run on a blockchain.

GINAR is set to release a best-in-class dRNG that will change the gaming industry by providing the fastest, most secure and easily verifiable service.

Click here for GINAR white paper

For more information please contact:

Paul Kim

GINAR Marketing Leader

[email protected]

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