GINAR Releases White Paper ver. 3.0, Enhancing Random Number Generation Protocol

May 29, 2019
- BY My Dang
GINAR White Paper 3.0 Release, Enhancing Random Number Generation Protocol
GINAR White Paper ver. 3.0 Release

Hong Kong, May 29, 2019 — GINAR, a blockchain technology company specializing in providing a decentralized random number generator, has published its White Paper version 3.0.

In this version, there is new information in terms of how the GINAR protocol works to generate the random numbers. Specifically, the protocol is substantially upgraded to bring verifiability and trustworthiness to a higher level by having three new building blocks, which are Verifiable random functions, Homomorphic encryption, and Zero-knowledge proof, added to the system.

This enhancement helps increase the security and fairness of the system as a whole by ensuring the generated outcome can not be either tampered with or affected in a meaningful way, and allows users to verify the correctness and randomness of the final result.

GINAR provides the best-in-class blockchain-based decentralized Random Number Generator (dRNG) solutions that will change the gaming industry with the fastest, most secure and easily verifiable service.

Click here for GINAR white paper.

For more information please contact:

Paul Kim

GINAR Head of Marketing

[email protected]

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