GINAR’s Decentralized Random Number Generator Certified by iTech Labs

August 20, 2019
- BY My Dang
GINAR’s Decentralized Random Number Generator Certified by iTech Labs
GINAR’s dRNG granted iTech Labs certificate

We are happy to announce that GINAR’s Decentralized Random Number Generator (dRNG) has been certified by iTech Labs, a world-leading testing and certification laboratory for Online Gaming systems.

iTech Labs Certificate granted to GINAR

iTech Labs, one of the most reputable independent certifying bodies, has evaluated GINAR’s dRNG and certified that our blockchain-based RNG technology complies with the relevant standards.

The 800 million bits of raw 32-bit random numbers generated through GINAR’s dRNG system have passed Marsaglia’s “DIEHARD” tests for statistical randomness and found to be unpredictable, non-repeatable, and uniformly distributed.

GINAR is among the very few blockchain-based RNG service providers that are able to provide large enough volumes of data for the scaling tests to be conducted and give the calculations sufficient statistical power.

Having our Random Number Generator officially recognized by iTech Labs is strong proof that GINAR’s dRNG is provably safe, reliable, and sufficiently random. In other words, all random numbers generated by GINAR service can be used without additional processing since the outcome is already guaranteed with the highest level of randomness. As a result, GINAR’s partners and clients would have more trust and confidence in integrating GINAR’s dRNG into their platforms.

View the Original iTech Labs Certificate at iTech Labs website.

About iTech Labs

iTech Labs is a world-leading testing and certification laboratory for Online Gaming systems and RNG technology, operating since 2004. Its personnel is expertly trained and experienced, testing and test results are thoroughly carried out and documented, and customers receive project reports regularly.

iTech Labs consultants have tested and certified almost all types of casino games on a wide range of online gaming platforms over the past 14+ years. Over 300 RNGs in 15+ languages using different algorithms and hardware generators have been certified by iTech Labs during the last 15 years.

iTech Labs’ Random Number Generator (RNG) evaluation consists of verifying of the following:

  • Statistical randomness
  • Internal state of the RNG
  • Seeding, re-seeding, and cycling
  • Unpredictability and non-repeatability
  • Usage of random numbers including scaling and shuffling

Correct operation of the RNG ensures that cards, die numbers, slot game symbols, feature game outputs, jackpot triggers, etc. are statistically random and unpredictable. A correctly operating RNG gives players confidence in the gaming system and insures against unjustified player complaints.


GINAR applies Blockchain technology to random number generation, which guarantees to provide secure, fair and transparent random numbers at an impressive speed and volume for businesses wanting to leverage unpredictable, tamper-resistant and verifiable digits; especially for lottery and online gaming operators. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of Random Number Generator, GINAR provides the capability to integrate into other systems by HTTPs service which is simply adaptable to any platforms (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android, etc.).

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