GINAR prototype 0.4.0

November 20, 2018

During October, extensive performance scaling and testing were carried out on the GINAR prototype, along with the introduction of various improvements in user experience.

Core Layer is approaching production-level capacity, where more than a million numbers are generated per second.

GINAR has enriched the verification logic with proof integrity guarantees and random number confirmation in  SPV model.

The User Dashboard site is release-ready, with Payment and Subscription functionalities added, offering various subscription plans, from Free usage all the way to the Unlimited plan.

The Verification web page was re-furnished to provide a much more user-friendly experience.

GINAR prototype October update


02 October:

  • Added integrity check for proofs

04 October:

  • Included one more test to assess Core Layer throughput under high load

08 October:

  • Dashboard website: finished the Login, Profile and Charts pages

11 October:

  • Core Layer: improved memory usage
  • Dashboard website: added Payment page and Subscription page

17 October:

  • Enabled private blockchain’s confirmation of generated numbers, allowing additional Merkle Path verification in proofs in an SPV-like manner

23 October:

  • Uploaded an implementation of Verifiable Random Function (VRF) that reaches up to 1500 generations per second per thread
  • Polished the user interface of the Verification site

27 October:

  • Scaled up the system (with private blockchain finalization) to 16 million random bits generated each second
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