GINAR Prototype 0.3.0

October 11, 2018

This September, as the next milestone approaches, GINAR developers sprinted to get essential components functional.

Core Layer has been scaled up in the number of participants as well as generation capacity, which reaches up to 2 million random bits per second.

The User Dashboard experience, which includes Registration & Login interface, API key fetching and statistics report, has been completed and ready for testing.

The verification API was also deployed separately and further UI/UX improvements are on the way.

GINAR prototype 0.3.0


01 Sep:

  • Implemented a speed test for Core Layer

04 Sep:

  • Uploaded User Dashboard frontend files

13 Sep:

  • Deployed separate nodes for Core Layer local testing
  • Tested private blockchain transaction finalization capacity (up to 300 tickets/second)

17 Sep:

  •   Integrated login page (using OAuth) into User Dashboard

19 Sep:

  • Implemented GUI for API key issuing
  • Added key management services to the backend

24 Sep:

  • Changed number verification mechanism to be accessible independently of other components
  • Improved database concurrent access on Core Layer

25 Sep:

  • Added one more signing step (using ECDSA) for contribution integrity assurance
  • Applied a 15-minute lifetime to tickets, during which they can be included in random number requests repeatedly (yielding different results)
  • Core Layer increased to 20 nodes

26 Sep:

  • Uploaded API key management frontend files
  • Implemented registration validation process
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