GINAR Prototype 0.2.0

September 10, 2018

The development crew of GINAR has released their second version of the prototype with plenty of feature introductions and improvements.

The Core Layer component has been integrated with a private blockchain which finalizes number requests and proofs, all of which are made available for verification.

The Public Layer component was refurbished, providing more consistent performance while requiring much less interaction and the total gas fee was also halved. We now use pairing cryptography (on curve bn256 ) to ensure the authenticity of the shared numbers.

A new smart contract instance was deployed on the Test network. The statistical tests code was completed and published on the public repository. It features a total of 15 tests, ranging from basic ones like Monobit / Block Frequency Tests to the more advanced ones like Cumulative Sums, Linear Complexity, or Serial Test.

These tests were applied upon GINAR-generated random numbers and the results were satisfactory. A new Verification Helper Portal was introduced as a web interface where any user can trace and verify the numbers they received. Search results are always drawn directly from the blockchain, and no user-specific information is required/disclosed for this verification process. The main GINAR web service with Dashboard, Login and Generate functionalities will soon be finished and tested.

GINAR prototype update in August


02 August :

  • Uploaded statistical tests source code (written in Python )

08 August :

  • Updated Public Layer web backend code
  • Public Layer cycle duration tweaked to 10 minutes

13 August :

  • Added data storage for Core Layer using Leveldb
  • Implemented database querying APIs (for verification)

15 August :

  • Configured web service request routing
  • Established login authentication according to OAuth model

17 August :

  • New Public Layer contract deployed
  • Finished running statistical tests on Core Layer outputs

21 August : 

  • Initialized private blockchain to finalize random number requests & proofs
  • Added Verify Helper Portal to ease user’s verification process
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