GINAR Launches New Website, Offering Visitors An Intuitive Experience

July 10, 2019
- BY My Dang
GINAR's Random Number Generation - New Website Launch
GINAR introducing new website

Hong Kong, July 10, 2019 — GINAR, a leading blockchain technology company focused on delivering random number generation (RNG) solutions to the iGaming industry, is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website at

The new site features a solution and pricing page for every individual and business’ need and makes it easier for users to keep up to date on company news and events, blockchain and RNG technology, the gaming and gambling industry, and detailed information from a downloadable white paper.

To give users a better understanding of what GINAR is doing, 2 new pages are added which are Verification Tool and Verification Simulator. Whereas the former offers a place for users to verify all random number produced through GINAR, the latter provides an interactive tool for non-technical users to get a rough idea of how GINAR system works to generate random numbers since we are aware that all complicated computations and technical details in the white paper are not simple to understand. 

“We are excited about the launch of our new website and hope visitors will be able to learn about GINAR’s solutions with ease,” said Harry Pham, GINAR’s Managing Director. “The new site is expected to offer our clients, partners as well as those interested in GINAR’s services a more intuitive experience and easy access to our robust solution and pricing information, industry news and company activities.”

Quang Le, GINAR’s Technical Director also comments, “The new website is the result of the ongoing collaboration and an enormous amount of work of the whole team. With major improvements and new features installed this time, we will keep visitors up to date with the latest developments of our technology. Specifically, our White Paper version 3.0 has been recently released with major enhancements in our RNG protocol. Moreover, our verification simulator is now available on the new website, allowing users to illustrate GINAR’s behind process”.

GINAR's Random Number Generation - New Website
GINAR’s new website

The new website launch coincided with GINAR’s introducing its solution at the World Gaming Executive Summit (WGES) in Barcelona and will be exhibiting at the Casino Integrated Resort Show Asia (CIRS) in Korea as well. GINAR is currently in negotiations with several iGaming platform providers and developers to integrate the API, and is partnering with compliance and regulating bodies around the world. 

GINAR’s website will be updated on a regular basis with the latest information on our services, most recent industry news, and company milestones. Visitors are encouraged to visit the new website and sign up for GINAR’s newsletter at


GINAR applies Blockchain technology to random number generation, which guarantees to provide secure, fair and transparent random numbers at an impressive speed and volume for businesses wanting to leverage unpredictable, tamper-resistant and verifiable digits; especially for lottery and online iGaming operators.

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