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GINAR creates game-changing solutions using its expertise in blockchain technology. Work with us and take your gaming business from Beginner to Legend status.

Having Development Consultation
Development Consultation
GINAR provides business development and consultation services - analyzing your system(s), design(s) and source code(s). The report will show you how to effectively integrate GINAR to your system(s) and perform at the highest security achievable. The package can be divided into two levels:
System and Design Analysis
GINAR picto checkmark Where and how the RNG component should be in the client’s architecture
GINAR picto checkmark Which kind of integration should be applied to achieve the best integration
Code Analysis and Integration Instruction
GINAR picto checkmark How to integrate the current code to the RNG with least modification but highest effectiveness
GINAR picto checkmark Pseudo code for integration for each game protocol
GINAR picto checkmark> Security analysis and performance analysis followed with suggestions
Having Full Support
GINAR's support feature includes everything from analysis & design to implementation. The Complete Support package is suitable for businesses that might lack an advanced technical team.

By selecting this package, businesses will be able to attain full service from GINAR at a cost-effective price. This aims to reduce technical operation expenses and exploit businesses's potential.
Having Full Support

Why Selecting GINAR Gaming Service?

Penetrate the gaming market, never let your business's opportunities escape

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Our expert team will thoroughly audit your system

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Have the most up-to-date blockchain technology development to your gaming businesses

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Reduce your operation costs by eliminating expensive auditing procedures and anti-hacking policies

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Seamless integration without altering your core existing gaming business

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Secure your applications with a next-generation dRNG, providing increased transparency to your users.

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Gain an entire technical support tam 24/7/365 from GINAR.

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Use Cases

Discover the real business challenges and learn how our dRNG is going to solve it

GINAR slot and roulette icon

Decentralized Random Number Generation for Slots & Roulette

Using the hyperledger to maximize computational acceleration but still guarantee the fairness and security of whole systems

Read more

Decentralized Random Number Generation for Online Casinos

Utilizing blockchain technology, GINAR is seeking to deliver blockchain-based random numbers to demonstrate fairness and gain a competitive advantage over the centralized rival.


Decentralized Random Number Generation for Lottery Games

Introducing the​ blockchain technology and new cryptographic notion to deliver the best lottery solution with decentralized and verifiable random number generation.

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