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Random Number Generation or RNG is the generation of a sequence of numbers or symbols that cannot be reasonably predicted better than by random chance.
GINAR is a company provide the decentralized random number generator as a service. The GINAR’s random generation solution is enhanced with the blockchain technology to achieve the security and verifiability for the random outcomes.
Using the acronym letters from Random Number Generator (RNG) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), a randomizer produced the word G.I.N.A.R.
GINAR’s vision is to provide a truly secure, verifiable, and unpredictable number for multiple applications ranging from Gaming, Security to IoT as well as all industries looking for a best-in-class dRNG service.
GINAR system runs on a blockchain so it derives the signature natures of blockchain: Decentralized and Immutable and does not have a single point of failure. For each random number to be produced, it is the contributions from multiple participants over the blockchain network.
With GINAR, the contributors are the ones in control of the number they contribute and no one else. Each contributor is free to choose which number to contribute. Only majority collusion by the contributors can affect the final outcome, hence GINAR has achieved political decentralization.
Blockchain technology fosters a transparent data structure between the service provider and the end users. Only a distributed ledger will be kept by the service provider, which prevents data breaches akin to incidents experienced by larger corporations as of late.
GINAR provide RNG as a service on HTTP protocol. For some advanced usages, GINAR can be able to customize the communication to adapt or any kind of protocol.
Unpredictability, Verifiability, High Performance, Security, and must be Cost effective.
Please read our technical white paper at this link and our Blog
We believe Ethereum mainnet has the highest potential for growth. In fact, Ethereum having the highest number of DApps speaks to the stability & security of Ethereum, and Ethereum also boasts the most active developer community.
There are availability, performance and structural issues with the Ethereum mainnet: gas fees incurred even on micro-transactions, slow performance, and scalability.
GINAR provides the advantages that public Blockchain offers, transparency with verification capability but with faster computation, ease of use and offer higher value at a lower price entry than other similar services.
GINAR aims to run a service capable of producing millions of random numbers per second to cover the whole gaming industry. The core idea is to make the system transparent and open participating while retaining the properties of fairness, tamper-resistance and unpredictability.
Verifiability is required to ensure that the secure generation process has not been circumvented. All the random numbers generated by GINAR are stored onto a blockchain, we provide the Verification API which allows you to verify your random numbers at anytime and anywhere.
Business applications exist for companies where the trust of a random number generated needs to be secure at the highest level. The most common examples include Gaming, Banking and the Security sector.
Gaming is our initial focus business. We have built many non-game partnerships and exploring the different markets such as Finance & Banking, AI & Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT).
We provide Random Number Generation service based on blockchain for Gaming industry. Services deliver to customer via HTTP APIs. GINAR also provides consultation, design and implementation in deeper level for any gaming company.
Subscription-based scheme for online user and Contract-based scheme for consultation and implementation work. Please find more information here.
We have successfully conducted statistical tests using the NIST SP 800-22, DIEHARD & DIEHARDER test suite to examine the distribution of generated numbers to tell how "random" they are. These test suites are acknowledged as certifiably the highest level of cryptographic randomness. We strive to successfully pass every major set of industry tests and reach the most demanding standards for the gaming industry from GamingLabs to iTech Labs.
You can get in touch with us via Website, Email, LinkedIn, Telegram, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Github.
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