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The GINAR Decentralized Random Number Generator Difference


GINAR produces random numbers from the contribution of participants on the blockchain. Manipulation is not feasible on the blockchain networks since it is made up of thousands to millions of participants scattered across the world. Based on crypto-systems, a participant in the network is not able to see other participants’ contributed value before the random number is settled.


GINAR is designed for speed. It produces 1,000,000 random numbers per second, which other providers fail to replicate, making GINAR a best-in-class solution. Other competitors' solutions have been developed that take upwards to minutes to produce only a handful of numbers. Plus, no modifications are needed to the customer’s architect and devices in order to use GINAR protocol. It has the capability of supporting limitless applications, from online-based to land- based customers.


Verifiability is required to ensure that the generation process has not been circumvented. Traditional RNGs can only prove that it uses a random method but are not able to provide any technique to audit the results after it is generated. Decentralized solutions leverage the Blockchain technology to bring the transparency in the generation process to everyone.

Reliability and Trust: The GINAR dRNG Service


Decentralized Random Number Generation for Online Poker

Leveraging blockchain technology to provide the blockchain-based verifiable random number generation for online poker experience

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We are confident that we will pass any randomness test out in the market

Random number generation needs to be unfailingly reliable and unbias. GINAR's decentralized random number generator follows the best practices with blockchain based technology to overcome the challenges of higher transaction latency and lack decentralization.

GINAR utilizes blockchain technology to advance the field of RNG in regards to reliability and trust.

GINAR has successfully complied with NIST SP800-22 and DIEHARD Test Suite, and under progress of getting certified by leading commercial entities, well-known international institutes and governments worldwide, from the iGaming Labs UK (NMI Certificate) and iTech Labs Australia (iTech Certificate) to the NIST SP800-90A Certification from the US.

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